Тексты для чтения на английском языке с заданиями


Susan and Luke

Susan is in a train. She is going to Wendover. She is talking to a stranger.

Susan: Do you live in London?

Stranger: Yes, I do.

Susan: London’s a funny place. I don’t know my next-door neighbours. I live in Victoria Street.

Stranger: That’s funny! I live in Victoria Street, too.

Susan: I live at Number 24 Victoria Street.

Stranger: I live at Number 23!

Susan: Oh, you are my neighbour! My name’s Susan.

Stranger: My name’s Luke. How do you do.

Ответьте на следующие вопросы, используя фразы из диалога:

1)     Does the stranger live in London?

2)     Does Susan live in London?

3)     Does Susan know her next-door neighbours?

4)     Does she live in Victoria Street?

5)     Does the stranger live in Victoria Street, too?

6)     Are they next-door neighbours?


1)     Yes, he does. He lives in London.

2)     Yes, she does. She lives in London.

3)     No, she doesn’t. She doesn’t know her next-door neighbours.

4)     Yes, she does. She lives in Victoria Street.

5)     Yes, he does. He lives in Victoria Street, too.

6)     Yes, they are. Yes, they are next-door neighbours.

Тексты для чтения на английском языке с заданиями:

№2. Прочитав текст, постарайтесь ответить на вопросы самостоятельно. Отвечая, представьте, что вы являетесь автором данного текста (говорите от 1ого лица):

Allow me to introduce myself to you. My name is John; I was born in London on the 19th of April 2012. My interests and hobbies vary greatly. I enjoy relaxing and spending time with friends as much as gardening. Volleyball and keeping in good physical shape, cooking, and studying, reading and dreaming are all-interesting to me. Most thrilling and never boring of all is English. My dream is to understand any English word or expression.

My family is not very large: Mommy, Daddy, my little sister and I. I’m happy that I can trust them all my troubles. They understand me.

Ответьте на следующие вопросы, используя фразы из текста:

1)     How old are you?

2)     When were you born?

3)     Where do you live?

4)     Have you got a family?

5)     What is your hobby? Say a few words about it.

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