Тексты для чтения на английском языке для детей

Text №1:

My father is a worker. He works at a plant. He usually gets up very early and goes to the plant. His working day usually lasts seven hours. As a rule my father comes home at five o’clock. He goes to the bathroom and washes there. Then he has dinner. After dinner he has a short rest. In the evening he goes to the club. There he attends English lessons. He learns the language with pleasure. Frankly speaking he is very busy, yet he works at his English very hard.

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Text №2:

My name is John. I am a student. I study at an institute. I am very busy, as a rule. I study very hard. I read and write much. So I have little free time.

I live in Oxford. Oxford is a fine city. I like it very much. I have a flat. It is not very large. But it is clean and cosy.

Text № 3:

I have family. It is in Moscow. I have a wife. My wife is a doctor. I have a child. His name is Nick. Nick is very little. He is five. My wife has a sister. She is a teacher. She is a Russian teacher.

Тексты для чтения на английском языке для детей

Text № 4:

In Moscow I have many friends. My best friend is Peter. He is a newspaper man. As to his wife she is a doctor.

My friend is very busy: he writes articles, attends conferences and sees many people. Besides he studies French.

I am his teacher. Every day Peter has French lessons. He reads, writes and speaks French. He does not speak Russian at my lessons. He likes French very much. Sometimes Peter and his wife come to see me. And we have a very good time.

Text № 5:

As you know, I am married. My family is not very large. We are six.

Besides my old people I have a wife and two children. They are Bob and Helen. Bob is five and Helen is ten. As you see, Bob is very little. That’s why he does not study. As to Helen, she attends school. She is very good pupil.

Тексты для чтения на английском языке для детей

Text №6:

This is my desk. You see many books, magazines, newspapers and pencils on it.

These are Russian books. Those are French books. This is a clock. That is a calendar. These are pencils. They are black. You see a lamp and a typewriter on my desk, too.

Generally, I write with a pen, but sometimes I use my typewriter.

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  1. Станислав:

    В тексте №5 в последнем предложении пропущен артикль.
    She is very good pupil — She is а very good pupil.

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