Английские тексты для чтения для детей

Text №1:

My name is Boris. I am twelve. My family is large. My mother and father are engineers. My sister Olya is a schoolgirl. She is ten. My brother is a worker. He is a builder. He is twenty. His name is Mike. We are great friends.

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Text №2:

Mike is ten. He is a schoolboy. His hobby is football. He has got a collection of toy-cars. He likes to play the guitar. Nina is six. Her hobby is painting. She likes reading.

Text №3:

There is a school in this street. There is a park in this street. There is a library in this street. There are two bus stops in this street. There are three shops in this street. There are two telephone call boxes in this street.

Text №4:

Boris gets up at seven o’clock in the morning. He does his morning exercises. He eats breakfast at seven-thirty. He takes his textbooks. He goes to school at eight o’clock.

Text №5:

Boris usually comes home at three o’clock in the afternoon. He always goes for a walk. He usually does his homework at five o’clock. He often helps his Mummy.  He sometimes goes to bed at ten o’clock in the evening.

Text №6:

It’s Sunday morning. Your family is going to the country. You are still in bed. Your mother is typing to wake you, but you don’t want to get up, you want to sleep.

Английские тексты для чтения для детей

Text №7:

What can I see?

The two women are standing under the tree and talking. The man is not reading his newspaper. The woman is not wearing a hat, she is holding an umbrella. The woman is carrying two shopping bags. The girl is holding an apple. The children are running. The girl is opening the umbrella, she is not feeding the pigeons. The woman is reading a newspaper.

Text №8:

It is Sunday. It is half past nine. Ann is having breakfast and listening to some music on the radio. Her sister is carrying a tea-pot with some tea in it. It is raining outside.

Text №9:

It’s 12 o’clock. Mother calls home. She asks what her children are doing. She is speaking over the telephone with her daughter.

Text №10:

It is seven-thirty now and Ann is having breakfast. She is watching her favourite programme. It always starts at seven o’clock. Ann always has breakfast at seven-thirty. She always watches it.

It is eight o’clock now. Ann is leaving her flat. And the programme is finishing. It always finishes at eight.

Text №11:

Ann’s brother, Nick, has been in New York for only half an hour. He is waiting to phone Ann, but the woman got to the phone box just a few seconds before he did. That was ten minutes ago.

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