used to тест по английскому языку онлайн

[inline][script type=»text/javascript» language=»JavaScript»]
var res=»2112221″
function check_me()
var count=0
if (!Q1[0].checked&&!Q1[1].checked)
if (!Q2[0].checked&&!Q2[1].checked)
if (!Q3[0].checked&&!Q3[1].checked)
if (!Q4[0].checked&&!Q4[1].checked)
if (!Q5[0].checked&&!Q5[1].checked)
if (!Q6[0].checked&&!Q6[1].checked)
if (!Q7[0].checked&&!Q7[1].checked)
if (count>0)
{alert(«Вы выполнили не все задания. Проверьте себя!») }
else answer()

function control(k, f1,f2,f3,f4,f5,f6,f7) {
if (k==1&&f1.checked) return true;
if (k==2&&f2.checked) return true;
if (k==3&&f3.checked) return true;
if (k==4&&f4.checked) return true;
if (k==5&&f5.checked) return true;
if (k==6&&f6.checked) return true;
if (k==7&&f7.checked) return true;
return false;

function answer()
answ+=control(res.charAt(0) ,test.Q1[0],test.Q1[1])?»1″:»0″
answ+=control(res.charAt(1) ,test.Q2[0],test.Q2[1])?»1″:»0″
answ+=control(res.charAt(2) ,test.Q3[0],test.Q3[1])?»1″:»0″
answ+=control(res.charAt(3) ,test.Q4[0],test.Q4[1])?»1″:»0″
answ+=control(res.charAt(4) ,test.Q5[0],test.Q5[1])?»1″:»0″
answ+=control(res.charAt(5) ,test.Q6[0],test.Q6[1])?»1″:»0″
answ+=control(res.charAt(6) ,test.Q7[0],test.Q7[1])?»1″:»0″


function showResult()
var nok=0;
var i,s;

for (i=0; iТест онлайн. Выберите правильный ответ


  1. I’m used ____________ alone
    to stay
    to staying

  2. When I was a small kid, I ___________ hide-and-seek
    used to play
    used play

  3. I’m not playing golf now. But I ______________ it earlier
    used to do
    had used

  4. I’m not used _____________ so early
    to get up
    to getting up

  5. I used __________ a lot
    to working
    to work

  6. I’ve got used ________________ English all day
    to speak
    to speaking

  7. Before I bought a car, I _____________ to go there by bus
    got used